Business Intelligence

Gain new Insights and Deeper Understanding with Pernix Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) helps decision makers be more informed and make better decisions. BI solutions accomplish this by making it simpler to combine, aggregate, slice-and-dice and visualise your data; creating a seamless process, identifying trends and issues, uncovering new insights, and fine-tune operations to meet business objectives. Your methods processes and systems can be used to more easily view, analyse and understand history, current performance or future projections.

How Can Pernix Business Intelligence Help You?

pernix can help you understand your data in a way you never have before.

Our highly experienced team will help you create and build your business intelligence platform. pernix can advise, analyse, develop and even host your business intelligence platform so your costs a kept to a minimum. We offer you the very latest technology and industry standards.

Gain Without Pain

Creating reports without a BI platform can become cumbersome, especially complex reports or dashboards. Such reports can require someone with a BI technical background and can scare and frustrate non-technical users.

pernix provides the reports your business needs to go forward without the pain.

Take It Off The Leash

In today’s business environment big data refers not only to the depth of big databases, but also the breadth of mashed-up data coming from many different sources into a single coherent location. If you are still running reports in different systems and trying to make sense of all the connections between the data sets, you’re working too hard and gaining just a fraction of the insight that you could.

pernix will establish a central location Data Warehouse to unleash your data and have your BI platform take full advantage of its improved interpretability.

Oh, To Know

While organisations have become masters of collecting data, it can be forgotten that data is not the same as information. Information is data that has been converted into a meaningful and useful context ready for you to harvest insights.

pernix will help you aggregate and analyse data into actionable information. It’s how we put the ‘intelligence’ into BI.